Young Professionals

The SWANA Caribbean Chapter strongly supports SWANA's Young Professionals Group

Who are we? 

A group of individuals who represent the future of the solid waste industry. We are eager to offer advice, brainstorm ideas, develop solutions, and share in the struggles and triumphs of working in this business.

How do I Join? 

Log-in to your MySWANA account at, click Communities in the upper right hand box, click the All tab to pull up Young Professionals, then join the group!

Caribbean Chapter YP Highlights

202109 IIAM PUPR Newsletter.pdf

Chapter YP Initiative:

The SWANA Caribbean Chapter strongly supports SWANA's Young Professionals (YP) Group. 

SWANA Caribbean Chapter YP Chapter Liaisons


1st YPLA Report

Our current Chapter Secretary and YP Chapter Liaison, Eng. Naret Treviño, was part of SWANA's First YP Leadership Academy (YPLA) Cohort. This group was tasked with researching Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Management. 

This project focuses on defining the challenges represented by the management and disposal of lithium batteries from three (3) perspectives: regulatory framework, recycling and safety. Once defined, solutions and recommendations are presented on how to tackle these challenges. Their excelent report can be found on this page and accessed by using the QR Code below.

I am grateful to the chapter for the support provided and always at your disposal. - Eng. Naret Treviño, PE

For more information of SWANA Young Professionals click here.