SWANA-CPR Students

The student group registered at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR) is overseen by the local SWANA Caribbean-PR Chapter, with primary representation in Puerto Rico. Student members must properly register as SWANA Student Members via the SWANA Membership link (refer to step-by-step image below). Developed to create a comprehensive collegiate network locally as well as internationally; the student group at the PUPR will also be registered as part of the Environmental Engineering Institute Student Chapter.

The group organization has a minimum of five (5) individuals who have expressed interest in working for the chapter; their tasks will follow a general organizational structure as the one presented herein:

We hereby list the following objectives of this SWANA PUPR Student Group:

  • Learn more about industry trends and new technologies that can guide their course of study and lead to career opportunities.

  • Network and meet current leaders and key influencers working in solid waste and recycling that may lead to potential internships and possibly become future employers.

  • Interact with peers from across the country and the globe who have similar study and career interests via online forums and local/national events.

  • Develop initiatives to ultimately advance the mission of SWANA’s solid waste & recycling initiatives while growing their leadership skills.

The administration, primarily via the PUPR's Civil, Environmental Engineering, and Land Surveying Department will support the involvement of advisors who are willing to help guide and mentor student members through this process of professional development, regardless of their major. These students have a number of committed faculty and solid waste industry advisors, also registered SWANA Members.

All interested students in becoming SWANA Student Members must register online at: https://swana.org/community/membership. Must be a full-time student (undergraduate or grad student) with an interest in environmental sciences, solid waste management or recycling-related professions. Further, they must all report their area of interest by way of the SWANA Caribbean-PR Chapter YP Liaison by writing to: YP@swanacaribbean.com.